Heidegger Reexamined, Volume 1: Dasein, Authenticity, and Death

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In our everydayness, as Heidegger describes it, we tend to fall into the "they-self" das Man. We lose ourselves in a public identity and in the meaningless chatter of the crowd. We become simply one among many; we adopt common and socially acceptable opinions on current affairs; we become preoccupied with issues and talk that hide from us our own individuality; we become predominantly inauthentic.

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Ivan Il'ich was inauthentic long before he learned of his illness. Ivan was an accomplished man in some ways, but nothing extraordinary. In fact, "Ivan Il'ich's life had been most simple and commonplace--and most horrifying" He was the middle son of a government official, neither cold like his older brother nor reckless like his younger brother.

He was a happy mean between the two--clever, lively, and pleasant. Ivan's character was molded at the university:.

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Ivan's character was molded at the university: As a law student he was to become what he was to remain for the rest of his life: a capable, good-natured, sociable man but one quick to carry out whatever he considered his duty, and he considered his duty all things that were so designated by people in authority.